Marche du Nain Rouge Returns! (with your support)

The fabric of what makes Detroit an exciting place to own a business and live are the grassroots efforts that bring people and communities together.  These efforts are small in size, to start, but immeasurably large in their impact on where we live, work and play. One of the best examples of this occurred earlier this year with the Marche du Nain Rouge, a street parade and street theatre festival (akin to Mardi Gras) that began at Third Street at Prentis Street, marched to Cass Avenue and down to Cass Park.

The Marche du Nain Rouge is rooted in the folklore of Detroit’s more than 300-year history.  It is said that when Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded Detroit, he was taunted by the Nain Rouge, an evil red dwarf , who has been plaguing the city ever since.  The purpose of the festival is to figuratively Marche the Nain Rouge out of the city and start anew.

The 2010 Marche du Nain Rouge was quick to get planned and quick to gain attention.  It attracted about 300 marchers and was recognized as the “Best New Detroit Tradition” by the Metro Times.  The next Marche is scheduled for March 20, 2011 and we are expecting the event to grow to double or more!  With approximately 1,000 marchers running the Nain Rouge out of our city, there is a lot of planning and permitting that has to take place. Additionally, we are expanding the frivolity and absurdity for the 2011 Marche, with more street theatre along the parade route, community-crafted neighborhood chariots, a larger festival in Cass Park with music, drinks, food and much more.

Because of your commitment to the city and our neighborhood, we are asking you to offer a donation to the 2011 Marche du Nain Rouge.  As a sponsor, your company will be listed on the Marche du Nain Rouge Web site, Facebook page, and all press and collateral materials. With your contribution, we can help this event grow from its fun and humble beginnings, to one of Detroit’s best traditions that celebrates our city’s history and future.

MNR – Sponsorship letter 2011 contains details regarding your sponsorship to the 2011 Marche du Nain Rouge.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 313.530.7882 or e-mail

Thank you for your support!

Peter Van Dyke

Marche du Nain Rouge

659 West Canfield #5

Detroit, MI  48201